Cristal Events supports the open and civil exchange of views and is committed to reporting fairly. Our journalists and editors may not write about people or entities with which they have financial interests without disclosure.

Our content is created strictly for the benefit of our readers.

While Cristal Events does cover many companies and brands that may also be advertisers, the site’s news and content is never directly influenced by sponsors.  Sponsored content is labeled as such and access to source material is provided when it is relevant and appropriate.

Cristal Events identifies sources clearly.  We believe in providing as much information as possible to make an informed judgment on the reliability of sources.

Editorial Review Policy

Cristal Events does not accept payment for book reviews or resources pointed to in content. However, our book reviewers may receive review copies of books (a customary practice in the publishing industry).

When conducting software product reviews, our reviewers typically use free accounts, demo accounts or temporary accounts.

When conducting hardware reviews, reviewers have typically previously owned the product or use products on loan provided for media review purposes.

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